Senin, 18 Januari 2016


Coffee is something really happening lately, but not a lot of coffee house also provides dishes for dinner. Finally i just had my dinner with my brother in here. Now we can easily find those coffee house in Medan. Now i'm gonna share one of my favorite coffee house in Medan called Kaffeine

Maybe you still not familiar with this one, Kaffeine located the ground floor of Forum 9 Building Medan. Kaffeine provides a uniquely pleasant environment for the business community to meet. They have a signature style from their Steampunk coffee maker. Actually i'm a cofee lover, the more caffeine makes me relax. 

This cafe is comfortable to be alone if you have a lot of task to be done. Hahaha.... The interior design of this cafe is like industrialist and look natural with the use of wood furniture. you can find their signature Aceh Gayo Coffee directly from their select group of famers. Their food is distinctly Balinese food created by Pak Made Gali. 

Beside coffee they also have some great signature dishes, so let's start the journey here guys!

 Traditional Balinese Nasi Goreng - IDR 42k

They say this is the one of favorite balinese dish here! The great fried rice combined with typical Balinese spices, served with chicken satay which has soft texture smeared with peanut sauce, also omelet and kerupuk. This's totally tasty, the rice was rich of flavours, i can enjoy it without having a fatty after taste. 

Fettucini Carbonara - IDR 50k

Besides balinese foods they also provide western food. Because i love pasta, finally i ordered this dish. fettucini carbonara mixed with beef bacon, mushroom and also cheese. I think it feels very creamy and tasty. Don't worry about portion guys! because all dishes are available here has a large portion. I think you're gonna be full. 
and their drinks, let's check this out!

Aceh Gayo Special Coffee - IDR 30k

This's signature coffee and best-seller here! deep, intense flavor, velvety wide mouth-feel with notes of cocoa, earth and tobacco notes. if you're a coffee lover you have to try this one. served with chocolate cookies. you will get more caffeine.

Hazelnut Latte Cold - IDR 38k

They also say this is the favorite and best-seller here! if you don't really like the bitter of black coffee, this drink is suitable for you. Hazelnut latte is a delicious frothy coffee with a hint of hazelnut!

If you don't really like coffee, they also provide fresh and healthy drinks!

Lemon Ice tea - IDR 30k 

 Fresh ice lemon tea,  it feels different than usual. The lemon and tea mixed into one that makes people drink it to be fresh. Advise for me, you don't need to use sugar/simple syrup, so freshness is more pronounced.

Infused Water (Strawberry - Kiwi) - IDR 25k 

last but not least, They also provide healthy drink ' infused water with strawberry and kiwi'. this drink is usefull for the immune system and lowers blood glucose. So, even if you've eaten a lot, you will remain healthy. They also provide desssert and ice cream. Because I was already full, my stomach is not enough to accommodate a lot of food again, hahaha....

Well that's some of their signature menu and i love them all but if you ask me what's my favorite dish i'll definitely say Fettucini Carbonara and Hazelnut Latte! I just can't stop eating, anyway about price here also affordable. So when you're in Forum 9 Building Medan and gonna have a cup of coffee or try the balinese food, make sure you have to try this one guys! 

Let's Chop Chop the foods,
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