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I don't know who started, the fancy place for hangout started popping up in this town. I think peoples are just too creative and this's one of the fanciest place in Medan. Level 0.2 is a rooftop bar located on the 2nd floor of  Rasa Bunda Restaurant at Iskandar Muda street. Level 0.2 officially grand opening yesterday, April 24.

Level 0.2 have concept rooftop garden brings green atmosphere, starts operating at 5pm - 12am (weekdays) and 5pm - 1am (weekend). I came just in time to relaxing my Sunday evening with my friends when the ambience slowly turns to romantic with warm lighting. The design of the rooftop had the beautiful combination industrial mix with minimalist and elegance, all with a little touch of scandinavian style. Level 0.2 has 3 main areas, Indoor, outdoor and bar. Most people prefer in the outdoor area, because they feel more comfortable with green garden and also suitable for selfie or take a picture. 

Bar area

Indoor area

Because this is the rooftop bar, of course the signature dishes here is almost entirely beverages (cocktails, mocktails and beers). But they also provide some snacks and main course selections. At this moment i just ordered some  mocktails and snack most recomended in here. Are you curious about that? let's take a look guys!

>>  Spices Dragon Eye - IDR 56k

A blend of Dragon fruit with pineapple and spices. It's like a smoothies, very healthy and fresh. For fruitarian you have to try this one and it's suitable for you who are in a diet program.

>> Back to the root - IDR 56k

This is a very healthy drink. If you don't like carrots, don't try to order this because it tastes too strong about carrots. The blend of carrot with yakult such as a yogurt, This is certainly one of the refreshing drink.

>> Tropical Passione - IDR 52k

This's one more fresh drink for you. The combined some fresh fruits like oranges with lemongrass. This drink is rich in vitamin C can refresh you day. In addition to drinks of course we need a snack to accompanied my chit-chat with friends. 

>> Chicken Ping Pong - IDR 45k

The name is so unique, maybe this is round like ping pong balls. Served 7 pieces with ketchup sauce. The taste it's not bad, maybe if the sauce replaced with mayonaise and added cheese will be more yummy! 

Because at this time i don't wanna to drink alcohol, i just orders some of the menus. The food here mostly fried rice and some snacks. But for the beverages have good quality and taste. If you ask me what's my favorite dish i'll definitely says spices dragon eye!  The pricing that they offer and that kind of quality is too expensive. But if you want the comfortable place and new ambience, it's okay you can try this place guys!

Let's Chop Chop the foods,
Yoga Valiant
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Jl. Iskandar Muda No.274,Medan
2nd floor of Rasa Bunda Restaurant

Open hours: 
5pm - 12am (weekdays)
5pm - 1am (weekend)
Phone : 0813 - 6089 ‑ 4489
100% HALAL 
Wi-fi yes!
Average spending: IDR 120k /person
Instagram: @level.02
Snapchat: Level.02

2nd Floor of Rasa Bunda

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