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Hello, May! Recently many Indian-tv series aired on Indonesian television channel and has gained a lot of fans. If you like the Indian tv series, i think you'll love about their foods. Yesterday I've just visited to JW Marriott Medan and they're just launching the new buffet menu 'Taste of India' at Indian Food Festival 2016

Before launching, i chit-chat with the foodies while drinking fresh mocktail from the hotel at lobby lounge. After waiting, JW Marriott Medan officially launched their new buffet menu 'Taste of India' at their restaurant. Many guests, media, foodies, even Consulate general of India and various countries were also attended in this event. Some of them wear an Indian traditional dress made their look so unique. 

Indian dancer

 Consulate general of India in Medan

After the opening speech from general manager's hotel and the consul general of India. All guests can start to tasting all dishes, look crowded and exciting atmosphere. I love the interior that looks so minimalist and elegant, but i know this's a five stars hotel. 

   Indian peoples were chatting

Finally i walked arround looking for some interesting dish to eat. There're so many indian dish with difficult name and sometimes i have to ask with the waiters about foods. Actually i don't really like to eat too much spices. But i'm so excited to try the Indian Food. Indian dishes look not too different with other western foods. How about the taste? Let's try one by one!

Taste of India signature dish (special dish) 

In this station you will find fresh prime of chicken, fish, lamb and also dishes that grilled perfectly. You can pick what you want. Before you take the sauces provided on the side, you have to know about ingredients of the sauce. 
(Chapli kebab),( Aloo Mutter ki tikki), (Pathar ka murgh)

My first platter

Tandoori Malay Broccoli, it's like sauteed broccoli in general but this little half-baked coupled with a bit of spice and if you like the vegetables you can grab this.  
Aloo Mutter Ki Tikki, it's like the perkedel (potato) with Indian taste. This one of my favorite.
Paneer Pakkora, The first bite you'll find it's like soft sweet potatoes but you know this's a tofu. I love this!
Murg Pudina Tikka, This is a chicken flavore. This is so yummy!
Tandoori Fish, This's a grilled snapper with special spice but i don't really like about the fusion. maybe if it added a little salt the taste would be nice.
Tandoori Lamb Chop, the lamb grilled perfectly and this's my favorite. You have to taste this lamb!
Onion Pakkora, it's like a union rings and i eat it a lot. 
Pathar Ka Murgh, it's like a grilled chicken with indian spices and i think this good!

As i have told you before, you have to know about ingredients of the sauce. Otherwise you will be surprised with the taste. My favorite sauce is Sour sauce, it's suitable to combined with grilled dish. 

Indian Familiar dish (second station)

In this station you will find the familiar dish like briyani, prawn and curry dish. You can pick what you want, This dish is suitable for you for the first time trying Indian cuisine. I'm still hungry and I took a little more.

Mutton Roganjosh
My second platter

Mutton Roganjosh, such as curry meat and if you love curry, you have to try this one. This one of my favorite.
Murgh Dum Briyani, the rice combined with spice it's so yummy. You have to try this one!
Channa Chat, it's like a beans with sweet taste. if you like sweet, you try this.
Kadhai jingga, such as curry with prawn and carrot. this's the best!

Salad and snacks (third station)

 Salad dishes
My third platter

Parra & Papad, this is a Indian snack likes kerupuk (chips) and this is so crunchy and savory. you have to take this one!
Prata bread, this is a traditional bread from India and  suitable eaten with curry. 
Mixed Fruit Chat, such as fruit salad, so fresh and if you're a vegetarian this's suitable for you.
Alos chatI forgot how it feels but this's good.
Raita sauce, such as salad with mayonaise but this is a sauce.

Dessert (Fourth station)

Complimentary bread

 Variant of finger foods
Variant of pudings
 My dessert platter

Manggo puding, Puding with fresh manggo and it's my favorite one. Coconut Basfi, such as coconut candy and it's nice one. Seven deck, Chocolate and coffee will meet in your mouth. Banana caramel, banana and caramel will melt in your mouth. I think i love all dessert and i want to take it all. Finally my stomach is already full and I wasn't able to eat again.

Dinner with Taste of Indian at JW Marriott Medan is one of the best experience for me. I love them all but if you ask me what's my favorite dish i'll definitely says 'Tandoori Lamb Chop, Paneer Pakkora, Kadhai Jingga, Para and Papad'. The buffet menu is only in May. So guys while you're in Medan and you want a taste of india, let's reservation and booking your seat and make sure you will enjoy the Indian Taste!

Let's Chop Chop the foods,
Yoga Valiant
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Price list:

Indian Food Festival Buffet Dinner
Indian delights by (Chef Netra Singh from India)
IDR 298,000 nett per person
*special rate for 10 persons and above

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