Selasa, 08 Mei 2018


 Hoodie Jacket and Yelllow T-shirt by Uniqlo | Glasses by H&M

This is not in Tokyo, Japan. But this is just a small corner in Jakarta, Indonesia. This location is located around Melawai, Blok M. I just went around exploring this area with my friends. My outfit just like casual looks: a basic yellow t-shirt topped off with a navy blue hoodie jacket as if to make a color at night. The look was a bit to stunning for me since i wear my mirror glasses reflect the neon light arround me. cause we all know this style is trending and happening to night photoshoot.

Photography by Ferry Agustian

and just take another shot with the best spot around this area with Japanese style: a simple grey hoodie with kimono jacket, black pants and simple white sneakers with colorful lights at night. Making the atmosphere seem to be on the streets ofTokyo.

 Photography by @yogavaliant | White sneakers by Adidas

I also took some photos that look like the traditional atmosphere of Tokyo, a blend of warm light with wood elements.

 Photography by @yogavaliant | Kimono Jacket by Elhaus

 Photography by @yogavaliant | Model by Rasya and Pierre Lucas


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