Jumat, 01 Juni 2018


Do you know Crispy Apple Pie? Yes, that's a succesful dessert product from Mcdonalds Indonesia and now they launched the new innovation of crispy pie " Apple Banana Pie". How does it feel when I try it for the first time? let's check this out.

You can get this crispy dessert for IDR 11k /pcs.  I think for a snack or dessert is not too expensive, still the same as other mcdonalds dessert. Just like the title crispy pie, the texture is very crunchy when bitten. The Banana cream with apple slice immediately melted in the mouth. The first taste is sweet and really a very suitable mix. which distinguishes from the previous product, Here there is no cinnamon flavor. So if you don't really like the cinnamon flavor, yeah... this's perfect choice for you. I can't stop to eat this!

 Squeeze inside

I really love about this dessert, I'm sure you agree with me. So what are you waiting for, let's grab this 'Apple Banana Pie' at Mcdonald's around you. 

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Mcdonald's Indonesia
Apple Banana Pie : IDR 11k /pcs

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